I am pleased to offer a mix of services based on the length of selected treatment time, a savings from the fee-for-service model. Treatment can include any combination of spinal adjustment, extremity adjustment, soft tissue release, interferential current, intersegmental traction, heat/ice, ultrasound, nutritional counseling, exercises, herbal therapy and energy medicine.  

Cash, credit card, or checks accepted as payment, I no longer take standard health insurance.   Full payment will be collected at time of service. 

I do accept Medicare Part B and will file a claim directly to them.  Medicare will forward the claim to your secondary insurance if needed.  If you have a Part C plan or Medicare Complete policy through another insurance company, we are out of network and your visit would be treated as a standard cash visit.  

Services Fee Cash Discount
New Patient Exam and Treatment - 45 min
(History, exam, treatment, management)
$140 $126
Office Visit – Limited - Spinal adjustment - 15 min
(treatment, continued management)
$ 60 $ 55
Office Visit – Expanded - Spinal and Extremity Adjustment
(treatment, continued management)
$80 $75
Office Visit – Comprehensive - 45 min
(treatment, continued management)
$140 $126
New Injury - 30 min
(update exam and treatment, management)
$110 $100
Add On Time (to any service) - 8 min $ 28 $ 25.00

Work injury and Personal Injury (Auto Accident) care under the new system begin as a ‘new patient’ with subsequent visits listed as above. I will bill the carrier on your behalf and you can get reimbursed directly from the carrier to the limits of the policy.

Medicare Part B (straight Medicare) – Basic spinal adjustment service will be billed according to Medicare requirements on the fee-for-service schedule. Additional non-covered services including exams, extremity adjustments and therapies will be billed and forwarded to the secondary insurance according to the customary fee-for-service schedule.

Children under 12:  $40 adjustment fee, no cash discount available

Community Cares Discount: This applies to students, fixed income seniors and economic hardship. See me for qualifying details.

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