Beginning January 1st, I am pleased to offer a mix of services based on the length of selected treatment time, a savings from the fee-for-service model. Treatment can include any combination of spinal adjustment, extremity adjustment, soft tissue release, interferential current, intersegmental traction, heat/ice, ultrasound, nutritional counseling, exercises, herbal therapy and energy medicine.  Full payment will be collected at time of service. If your policy has out-of-network benefits, as a courtesy I will bill your insurance company for the services received electronically indicating your payment. If approved, your payment will be applied by your insurance company according to the terms of your policy.

As we phase out insurance (except Medicare Part B/medigap policies), the terms of your contract apply regarding deductible/copay/coinsurance and uncovered services until the termination date. 

Services Fee 10% Cash Discount
New Patient Exam and Treatment - 45 min
(History, exam, treatment, management)
$140 $126
Office Visit – Limited - 15 min
(treatment, continued management)
$ 50 $ 45
Office Visit – Expanded - 30 min
(treatment, continued management)
$100 $ 90
Office Visit – Comprehensive - 45 min
(treatment, continued management)
$140 $126
New Injury - 30 min
(update exam and treatment, management)
$100 $ 90
Add On Time (to any service) - 8 min $ 25 $ 22.50

Work injury and Personal Injury (Auto Accident) care under the new system begin as a ‘new patient’ with subsequent visits listed as above. I will bill the carrier on your behalf and you can get reimbursed directly from the carrier to the limits of the policy.

Medicare Part B (straight Medicare) – Basic spinal adjustment service will be billed according to Medicare requirements on the fee-for-service schedule. Additional non-covered services including exams, extremity adjustments and therapies will be billed and forwarded to the secondary insurance according to the customary fee-for-service schedule.

Community Cares Discount: This applies to students, fixed income seniors and economic hardship. See me for qualifying details.

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